Lost sound Issue after using Speech Recognizer on iOS app

I have built a very simple app to test the function of Speech Recognizer + Text to Speech on iOS Thunkable app. But I have found after using the Speech Recognizer, it can recognize and show the speech in the text format, but after that, the whole app lost the sound. I cannot play a sound and cannot use Text to Speech. However, Speech Recognizer is still working fine. It’s so weird. I have attached the app design and a short demo video here.

Click here to see the Demo on Youtube

I had the same problem with a test app for translation. First recognize speech. Then translate. Showtext of translation. Works.
But then text to speech of that translated text did not work (on IOS).

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Hello Rollke
Dinto from the Netherlands here😉
Like your tutorial on Speech Recognizer.
I was thinking; is the third button( Recognizer and show) a good one to build an to do list?? Were you can just say somthing and it will show up in a list… in your example the word changes every time you say something new.
Could you help me out with that one?:blush:
Thanks in advance

Yes, it’s not hard. Take a look at this one. :rofl:


Hi Linchenyu
I will give it a try, and let you know of it works!:smiley:
Thank you very much for your help
Regards, Dinto

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Hi Linchenyu
It works!
But the next problem emerce…
I know i have to use local storage to store my list.
Because if i close the app and go in again, my list is not stored.
Lets see if i can do this one on my own😉
Thanks again

If you are still working on it and need some help, you can refer to this one: https://x.thunkable.com/copy/74ff78cce23aa64016a86729c06fbe26

I also want to add a language changing function, but unfortunately current Thunkable Cross doesn’t support the list picker function yet. They are developing it now. So if you want to change the language, you can modify it in Speech Recognizer block.

Good luck.

Hi Linchenyu
Thanks alot!
Thats a good function!
Thats a function i could add later…

what i am trying to do is the following, if i can make a shopppinglist app, i could make a note taking app, or implement these two together…
Something like this:

I tried to make this one but then with local storage, but it wouldn’t work in ios

Thanks for helping!
Regards, Dinto

There is no Picker component in Thunkable X, but it’s easy to do it


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You want to say that on iOS does not work Local Storage? Can you give an example of this?


Hi Actech
I didn’t got it working🙁
I wanted to build an todolist;
Write an item down, save it, ( if i didn’t want the item, delete it) close the app ( entirely) go in the app, and see my items i wrote before…
Couldn’t fix that a few months ago, aks around on the forum, but didn’t got the right anwsers

Thanks actech,

That’s an interesting way to do it. I learned a lot. Thanks

And could you take a look at my original question (the first post)? Do you have an insight why after I use Speed Recognizer, the APP lost the entire sound?


I remembered, a similar problem was with me. I’ll try to look at it again and look for a solution.

I have one thought about a workaround for solving the problem.

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The situation looks something like this. When the text recognition unit is executed, the sound engine is captured, as a result of which the application completely disrupts its operation with the impossibility of even changing the volume with the buttons on the device (as has been reported for a long time). Play sounds after that can only be using an external browser.

I see such a solution - do not use the speech recognition component yet and try to implement it using web-technologies.

Got you. Thanks for the explanation. So you think without using speech recognizer, maybe use “Assistant” or “Translator” is better? Or what other web tech do you suggest?

Thanks. @rollke

I’m trying to use SpeechSynthesisUtterance to play speech in the browser, but the problem is that it works well in WebViewer, but does not work in Safari’s external system browser.

I got this solution - speech recognition in the application and playback it in the system browser using a php script on my server.

If your sound does not play on iOS, try setting the soft-mute function on the device.


	$data = $_GET["data"];
	echo "$data<br>";
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"/>
<input type="button" value="Speak" onClick="speak()">
function speak(){
var msg = new SpeechSynthesisUtterance(); 
    msg.text = "<?=$data?>";

Hi DInto,

Do you want the app like this one? It’s not very hard to build. And I can add more functions to it, such as delete individual task or group by date. Let me know if you need more functions. I will try my best to add them.


Good Luck.

I saw how it works. It works fine but not that using friendly. I hope Thunkable can fix the issue in the near future. And I will try “Assistant” and “Translator” to see if there is anything different.

Thanks again.

Hi Linhenyu.
This is great!!
I don’t even have to ask :smile:
Thanks a 100 times for helping out…
At the moment I was looking in to another app I am making.
But I will take a look tomorrow, and try to see if I can make the app I waant to build!
Again thanks for helping out.
Regards, Dinto