How to build simple speech recognition app in the new Thunkable layout

Hi community,

I’m very new to Thunkable and I’m struggling to use the speech recognition capability in the new Thunkable layout. I want to build a simple app, where:

  • User can click on a button which triggers speech recognition to start
  • When users speech included the word “left” → a previously hidden left label appears
  • When users speech included the word “right” → a previously hidden right label appears

Now of course I tried to look for example apps, tutorials etc. using Speech recognition, but I could only find implementations using the “Speech recogniser” voice blocks in the old layout. In the new layout I can only find a block called “recognised speech in …”, but no example apps or tutorials on how to use it. And I’m struggling to figure it out by myself.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would be very thankful :slight_smile: . Many thanks in advance!

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Recognize Speech

Recognize a piece of audio in a given language. Returns a text transcription of the speech.

My Speech recognition app in New UI

I tried to make voice commands work and couldn’t. Maybe you’ll have success but I couldn’t find a way. You can right-click on some of the blocks to toggle advanced options. The documentation is limited but available here:

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Hi @tony.ycy.program , many thanks for posting your solution.

I tried to implement it exactly as you did, but it seems not to work for me: Thunkable

Problem is, that when I press the Start button, nothing happens (both in preview and Thunkable Live). Do you have any ideas what could be the problem? Or do you have a link to your solution for me to test your solution on my phone?

Yeah, it’s not work!
BUT First test(1st open) It can show

Hi @tony.ycy.program ,

many thanks for your reply. After your message I retested and you are right. It seems to work for the first open attempt and when I speak directly in the microphone. Then it seems to capture the first 2 seconds. So have many thanks for your help, your solution solved it.

However, as a feedback for the Thunkable team I want to mention that the quality of the speech recogniser is so bad, that it not or only barely usable (at least for me):

  • It only works on 1st open attempt of the app
  • I need to speak directly into the microphone
  • It only records the first 2 seconds maximum
  • And even then it only worked like 50% of the time for me.
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