Speech recognition not work

i am using speech recognition block and working well only when first time access the screen. after browse other screen it seem like idle and not respond to the speech.

any idea why it happen like that?

yep ts lagging a lot for me too

Are you using a When Screen Opens block or When Screen Starts block? The When Screen Starts block will only run once when your app first launches.

Post as screenshot of your blocks.

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i am using click on button for this operation. neither open or start.


I’m not sure why it’s not working but a couple observations:

  1. You can add a vibrate block at various points in your code and then test it on a mobile device to see if/when it vibrates. In this case, I’d put one right before the “call Speech_Recognizer1’s listen” block to make sure the “if” block results in a true value.

  2. You need to display the green error block in Label169 if there’s an error, not the value block.

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thank you to point item no 2 which is i am not aware that. point no 1 will try to make if vibrate will make different in block.

same result only work at first time after browse other screen it just hung or idle.

any idea or how to make screen refresh after come from other screen.


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I think the problem is that you are checking to make sure that Button81’s Text equals “Select Language” but after you click the button, that button’s text changes to something else such as “Arabic”.

So that button click rule won’t run the next time it’s clicked. You need to reset the value of the button’s text back to “Select Language.”

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even without that rule it still not respond.


Does the phone vibrate?

If yes, what happens if you move the vibrate block to the “do” section of your code?

What happens if you move the vibrate block to the “else” section of your code?

phone is vibrated and i am doing all those suggesting but still like an idle mode if i browse to other screen.

Just to check: the phone vibrates in all three locations I mentioned?

i believed i have test on those 3 location and i think it need kind of refresh on page or speak component.

The point of having the vibrate block is just to tell if that part of the code ran.