Speech Recogniser not working the second time screen in navigated


I made a simple app which has 2 screens.
The first screen contains 2 buttons and a label. Clicking on ‘speak’ button calls the speech recogniser and the label reflects what the user says.
The second button takes user to next screen.

If however we press the ‘back’ button on screen2 and try the ‘speak’ button again… the speech recogniser doesn’t work.

Can anyone give me a hand here?
Link - Thunkable

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I see the same thing you see, using Thunkable Live and iOS. It requires navigating to a second screen to reproduce - a second click on the ‘speak’ button works fine if you don’t leave the screen.

If I leave the screen and come back, the indicator on my phone shows that speech recognition is listening, but the label never updates.

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Just wanted to confirm if this a platform issue? or there is an alternative to this via code?
The app requires the person to navigate to the next screen and then come back to ‘listen’ the second time.

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