Navigate to new screen with voice

Hello Thunkable community,

I just discovered thunkable and I’m loving it! I’m creating an app while exploring the speech recognition command and I’m a little confused on how to take that recording and setting a value to it. I’m starting off by trying to create speech command to navigate to the next page but I’m not sure how to go about it.

Waiting for it for 3 seconds is intentional? You can make start recording then put listen with partial result in then do which will examine in real time then display the text in a label to see what he recognized when you spoke. And after that set your conditions and stop the recording.

I’ve never used this but reading the documentation I think it works.,it%20stops%20detecting%20any%20sound.

Welcome to Thunkable! It’s a great tool.

You don’t need the audio recording blocks at all for this. Those would be for saving a voice note, singing a song and recording it, etc.

For speech recognition, just use the “call [listen]” block as you have it. When using a block with a green “error” block, it’s best to check the value of that block, especially during testing.


That makes sense! Thank you for your help