Speech recognition feature improvement!

I wanna make a simple task using speech recognition, i need to know when exactly the speech recognition stopped listening so that I can call a function to search the spoken word
the problem here i don’t know when to call this function I tried with delay but not always get success !
if just i knew when the speech recognizer block stopped listening then, I think this problem is gone !
Thanks in advance .

I’m curious about this, too. I noticed you had a 3-second delay so I tried that, too, but there should be a way to detect when the listening has stopped.

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Yeah, I agree .
The 3 seconds are not always enough, so that I need to know when exactly !
I think that would make Speech Recognizer more powerful !

I tried to know when block stop listening using that as this pic , It worked good but there are two problems :
1- It can be used only with ’ call listen ’ block so it’s slower than ’ call partial ’ in output
2- when button clicked but no word spoken , then app crashed ( I think it’s general issue in Speech Recognizer )
thanks .