[Solved] There is no option ''call speech recognizer get to text''

hi everyone, i want to create an app that say something and app converts it to text.
so, new project created, on screen 1, added a button,added a label and added a speech recognizer. so far it is ok. howerver, in blocks side, i select button = when button 1 click) i did it, then i want to add another command inside of this (speech rec. = call speech recognizer1 get text) this command is not appear to me??? how i can find this command, could you pls help me?

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Hi @timoti, welcome to the community :wave:

Are you using Thunkable X? Can you share a quick screenshot of what you’ve tried so far please?



Thank you @Domhnall , yes i m using thunkable x (free account). i added screen shots here.

to be able to work speechrecognizer fonk. , i think there is an option that ‘‘call recognizer get text’’ (if i m not wrong)
However, i can not see this command option on the block screen…

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Thanks @timoti

It works a little different on Thunkable X. The speech recognizer returns a value and you can in turn use that value somewhere else in your app, such as a variable or a label.

Hope that helps!


thank you very much @domhnallohanlon
it works…
this answer is very helpful…
problem is solved.

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