Adding Speech Recognizer in DnD

Just want to add a speech recognizer component in DnD. How do I do it ? I click on Speech in the sidebar and I see this stuff:

But I need to get an instance of speechrecognizer. What am I missing ? Feels unintuitive to me tbh.

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Right-click on the “recognized speech” block and choose “Show advanced block.” Then you’ll see what is shown in the documentation:

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Thanks for taking the time to reply @tatiang

I have to say even your instructions didn’t immediately make sense. This has to be one of the most un-intuitive things going:

Left Click Speech #1 then right-click on Recognized Speech in blah #2 to get the advanced tab.

Think about it - without the advanced tab showing and then having the block to allow start listening or whatever, the block that is there by default is the ‘recognized speech…’ - but there’s no way to use that block unless you have gone to the advanced tab.

It sounds like you’re new to Thunkable and like every product, it has a learning curve. The “recognized speech” block will work just fine if you attach it to a label, for example. It listens and then returns the value it recognizes. It’s just a shortcut vs. the advanced block that takes more effort to do the same thing.

A while ago, the “advanced” version of the blocks were the default. Thunkable made a decision to simplify some of the blocks. I assume they did that to help new users feel more comfortable with the product. A lot of users get thrown off by the green “error” blocks, for example.

I much prefer the “advanced” blocks myself.


I did try that and I couldn’t get it to work - hence my desire to look for the ‘Start listening’ block - thinking that that is what I needed.

Interesting. On the assumption that was the reason, or at least part of it, this will result in a lot more questions when something goes wrong.

Agreed. And they are really not advanced anyway tbh

Apologies, I meant DnD - this dual UI thing is confusing.

So, this is what I have. All I want to do is to display text of what has been spoken:
So all I get is ‘undefined’ as the caption of the label (web page in web viewer using the js bridge) immediately and no ‘tone’ to indicate start of listening.

Any ideas ?

try this @collabor8te.projectq
Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 8.13.47 PM

It’s an odd block and i’ll try to update the docs this coming week to make it more clear. how to use this.


Ok thanks.

Next problem is that the label now displays ‘…needs permission to record audio’. I cannot locate where to state that the app needs this permission - checked in the app settings etc but I assume it is supposed to be in the build from Thunkable as I’m using the speech recognizer correct ?

You probably need to enable it via the app settings on your phone. When I use this block it asked me for permission to use the speech recognize her. I’m using an iOS device if that is relevant.

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I did try that and it is interesting (Android) that:

  1. I didn’t get asked during install
  2. In app permissions there is nothing for speech recognition - only ‘Files and Media’ so allowed that. Other than that there is only ‘Location’ and ‘Phone’. With all 3 of those permissions on, still no joy

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