Audio not playing in text to speech


I have made a test app with the text to speech sample from the documentation, but nothing plays.

It worked last week, anyone else with this problem?.

I have only tested on IoS



please upload blocks images…


Here is an example:

I have found out, that rhe audio stops working, then i have used sppech recognition.
If I force quit the live app, and start it again, then it can play TTS until i have used Voice recognition once.

It works fine on Android, it is only on IoS


Thanks, Claus! We’ve received a couple of similar reports sound issues after using the Speech Recognizer component and are looking into it.



My students are all experiencing this same problem. Has a resolution been found yet to the conflict between the speech components?


Ive had the same issue before, It happened when google dropped an update for the TEXTtoSpeech App, to fix all we had to do was uninstall the Update in system/Apps This will also occur if no native Text to speech App is set in the system settings. Ensure you have one set up as default. If you have none installed simply download the text to speech App by google inc on the google play store. Ether of the above should get this working again.

Hope this helps


Thank you for this. The problem seems to be confined to the iOS students. But from what you are saying it sounds like the problem is a local one and not necessarily a Thunkable one.