Text to speech problem on ios

my apps with text to speech, that always worked, do not output speech on my ios devices.

Hi there. Can you share your sample project? This might be because of a bug in changing the text to speech language but I want to make sure.

Our sample app Feelings uses text to speech and seems to work on iOS.


I have the same problem.

My little project just gets speech to text input on a button click.

On the click of a second button it reads back the text. (using text to speech.)

Works perfectly on my android device but the button press achieves nothing on my ios device.

Would really appreciate the possibility of text to speech on ios for the assistive technology project I am embarking on.

Thanks Garth

I have on iOS 10.3 and 11.4 - app Feelings works well.

Yes sorry it does work great… my dumb mistake.

That is so great : -)

Anyone else not getting the text to speech working probably should go back to the feelings app and see how simple it is.

Thanks actech