[SOLVED] Text to speech not working ios

i download my app from testflight no audio when click for text to speech to play also not working while live testing ios

Hi @kizzy, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the text-to-speech function in your app. Would you mind DMing (or sharing here if you’re comfortable doing that) a copy of your app so we can take a look?

Thank you!

i have DM you it is very hard for me to be paying to use something and it is not working am i only one of all the users having this issue??


I’ve got the same problem. Text-to-speech works well when I test my app live on an Android device, but doesn’t work on iOS device.

Hello @dosantoss
I’ve checked out an app on the iOS live test and did not have any issues hearing the text-to-speech.

One thing I will note about iOS live test is, to hear any sound, you will have to take your phone off of silent mode.

Let me know if it worked

Thank you for solving my problem Ioannis, that was the issue!

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