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I want to translate the text and speak it with text to speech. But when I click on the button the screen colour changes to white.

How should I test? Is there any problem?
My project link:

see my translator project, maybe it will be useful to you …
enter text - click translates and pronounces the typed text.
long click - you can pronounce the text and it goes to the translation window.
target languages are selected from the list.
I made this application based on a similar one I found here in the gallery

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Hi there,

Does this behavior concern the Via Voice screen in the navigator called ‘mute navigator’ in your app?

I tested this app on the web and via live testing with an iOS device and found that the app worked as expected. How have you been testing this app?

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I tested it on an Android device.

Why, it didn’t work on an Android device.

I have tried @sewar’s idea. But, now also, it didn’t work.

My project link:

it works for ios

I’m asking that, Why, it didn’t work on an Android device.

No answers?

You’re probably going to get more help if you answer @jane’s questions:

For the second question, it’s helpful to know if you used a web preview, the Thunkable Live app, and/or downloaded the app to your device.

Closing this as @prathikshasamal08rgq has resolved the issue.