Modified app for assignment 1.1

I have created combination of translator app and text to speech. My app is having 3 buttons namely speak, translate and clear. text input typed by user can be traslated and speak button when clicked ,it will read out the text but a seech recognition function is called ,it will recognise the speech and when again speak button is clicked,it will repeat the translated text and the source text .
link is here

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It sounds like a cool app. Are you ready with it? If so share with us! If not? Do you have anything we can help with?

I am ready to accept and learn more.
Thank you

You shared your project as a text and therefore went unnoticed. I just noticed it when reading your post again.

This is your project link



A Simple and Sweet app! It converts the text entered to Hindi, right?

I like your app! (even though Iā€™m not at all good at Hindi :sweat_smile:)

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