Multi Language Translator/ Voice Typing/ Pronouncer App

Namaste Everyone,

This is my first full-fledged error-free App.

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Thanks to #thunkable-cross App.

This App Translates between multiple (93) Indian & Global Languages. (English, Punjabi, Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and Gujarati).

How to use:-

Choose Source Language (out of 93 languages) to be translated from the list by scrolling down, Then Choose Target language (out of 93 languages) by scrolling down.

Then Enter Text by typing in source language or click voice typing (Support for 12 languages). Click Translate and get the Translated text in the new window.

The app will pronounciate the translated text (only if the translated language is out of 12 languages for which voice typing support is provided). That way you can learn pronunciation as well.

You can then share the source text along with Translated text to social media by clicking the share button.

Use a clean button to enter another text for translation.

Use change Language Button to change source and target language.

We will continue making new tools and utilities to ease our lives and help others too by sharing the projects. let us know your requirements and suggestions for improvement.

Thank you all for your support and cooperation, especially to #thunkable-cross team for empowering me to use logic and build apps without even a single digit knowledge of coding.

Navneet Singhal
Chartered Accountant, Doctor, Farmer, Life trainer, App developer (Now) :slight_smile: