Speech recognizer ios

Hi there,

has anybody checked the new speech recognizing component yet? I used the components like in the announcement, but nothing happens, when I click the button.

No Error, no partial result.

Neither in live mode, nor after downloading, nor in testflight.
I set the language to german.
And I cannot see my app appearing on the privacy settings of my iphone. (camera and photo library appear in the privacy settings for thunkable live and my app) (iphone 4s, iOS 9.3.5)

answers are well appreciated :grinning:

cheers, User81

It is not working for me either. I tried setting the label to result, partial result and error, to see if anything printed, and nothing did.

Has anyone been able to get it to work?

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I have everything working on iOS 11.3. After adding the voice recognition component, the phone requested permission to access the microphone and there are no problems.

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thx to ginny and actech!

I changed the topic from iOS discuss ti iOS bugs

Realized I forgot to test it on my iOS 11 device; so this is just an iOS 9 problem. It asks for the microphone correctly on iOS 11.

so we found the problem, thx for your help!