Thunkable X Speech Recognizer Android issue

Hi there. For some reason, Speech Recognizer component doesn’t work (no result given) in Android neither in Live Preview mode nor in assembled APK app.
In iOS though everything is fine in both cases. The APK, when installed on Android powered tablet, doesn’t demand the access to microphone, and giving the access to microphone manually on device won’t take effect. The blocks are simple and OS-independent. What could be a reason for this issue? Thanks in advance.

It worked fine for me

Here are the blocks I used. Both the recognizer and the text to speech worked.

Setup a few labels and error checking to see where it is breaking. It very well may be the permissions.

I suggest deleting the Live app, reinstall and make sure your Microphone permissions are good. Setup some variables and labels and go step by step.

(By the way I am having issues on another issue that others cannot replicate so I can appreciate the frustration)

Android 7.0

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Great! I’ve reinstalled Live app and everything works now! Thanks for help!

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