Troubleshooting the Speech recogniser component

As soon as the button is clicked or Touch down the label shows undefined and the speech to text also says “undefined” It used to work fine but now its not working

What does the green error block say?

Hi, on my Google Pixel 4a phone Live Test , the error shows " Speech to Text is not available on this device" but the phone has Speech Services by Google installed and the engine used .

Can you go to your app settings for Thunkable Live and check the permissions?

Is microphone access enable? And Speech to Text??

Hi, Microphone is enabled. Speech to Text is not seen, regular permissions elsewhere are granted

Can you share a screenshot of this error message please?

(Just wondering why it says Speech to Text, rather than Speech Recognizer? Is the Error with the way blocks you’ve used for your Text to Speech component?)

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If you look at the first post, inside the speech Recognizer he/she is calling Text to Speech as if he/she is talking to the device and then the device should echo what he/she said.

Yes its a simulation of Talking Tom

Kindly help, as the above code works for my other android phone , but not working on Pixel 4a. The settings are same in both phones.

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You are already saying that the issue is only on that phone/model. What help would you expect?

Thanks !