How can I do speech to text? The phone pop-up to ask permission but nothing happend

The problem is I can not get speech to text: (The phone already pop-up to ask permission)

The code is like this:

what I haved copied was this :

Thunkable coding: speech to text and text to speech converter app tutorial - YouTube

I did further research, but looks like all the speech regonizor have been removed

Speech recognizer in Thunkable - YouTube

Any wordaround or sample code would be apprciated. thx!

You should be following the instructions in the documentation: Speech - Thunkable Docs

I recommend right-clicking on the “recognized speech” block and choosing Show Advanced Block. Then you will see this:


You can check for an error and assign the green error block to a label. If there is no error, then assign the green speech block to a label (or use different labels for each green block).

thanks , I printed the error message:

“Speech to text is not supported in this device. ”

My devices were OPPO and HUAWEI phones, based on Android. Any workaround? Need to call API ?

I don’t know the answer to that, sorry.

Hi tatiang:

Thanks for replying ,let me re-illustrate my questions:

#1: What can I do to solve  "Speech to text is not supported in this device. "  this problem.

#2: if it is hard to use the default Speech component, is there any other route? for example I use Microsoft Voice API,  is there any examples?

thank you very much!