Login with firebase and local data sources with local table

Hello, good evening, I have a problem and I don’t know where I am wrong, I am making an application in which I have a login with firebase, what happens is that the content of the application is with a data source the data source is a local table
, the problem is that when I log in with a user and save data, and then you log in with another user I see the data of the previous user how can I make it so that each user when they log in saves data and only that specific user can see it.

thanks greetings.

Save the data under each user’s user ID.

If you Google firebase user id Thunkable, you’ll see videos that explain this.

This looks like a pretty good one although it’s part two of two:


thanks for the video but I really don’t understand it well I want each user to save their own data in the local data table when they log in
if the other user sees the data of the previous one

If someone could help a clearer example I would appreciate it.

greetings thanks

Are you logging in the user with Firebase but storing data in a local data source? Local data sources can only be accessed by the device that stored that data. So I’m guessing that you’re logging in as two different users on the same device. That would allow you to see the local data with both accounts because they are sharing a device. Is that realistic? Do you expect two or more users to share a device? If not, then you can ignore this problem. If so, then you should store the data in Firebase rather than in a local data source.

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ok thank you very much for the contribution I had not realized that I have my data stored in a local source.

And how is data saved in firebase under each registered user?

and how the data that users save in firebase is hidden, so they are encrypted

You’ve mentioned that the user data is stored in “a local data table.” What do you mean by that?

Which blocks are you using for that?

To learn about Firebase, watch the videos I mentioned. If you can’t get it to work, share screenshots of your blocks or a link to your project so we can see what you’ve tried.

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I am trying to save data in firebase but they are overwritten, how to save data without being overwritten

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Hey there @jp019178q4xzw :wave:

Did you end up figuring this out? I am a big fan of Firebase and happy to help others learn how to harness its power! :mechanical_arm:

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Hello, how are you, thank you for wanting to help me, how could I save data in firebase? and that data can be encrypted or save data encrypted?

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