Latest Thunkable Releases incl WebViewer Image Upload, Google Maps Custom Styles/Themes and easier ways to upload and preview your Media (Mar 6)

To our Developers of the Future -

Happy Monday! To celebrate the start of a beautiful new week, we are launching a few exciting new features that you asked for to make your #thunking more enjoyable. A couple of them were requested in the #IWant section of this community forum so keep the feedback coming!

  • #WebViewer Image Upload

  • Now supports ability to upload media files in the browser so your family can see your latest photos of Charlie on Facebook from an app that you built!

  • #Platform Improvements for Media Uploading
  • Drag and drop to Upload Media so you can save a few seconds sorting through folders to find your favorite image

  • Preview the media (images, sounds, videos) that you uploaded with one click in your Media palette

Happy #thunking!
Albert on behalf of the team @ thunkable esp @mike

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Yay! Love to hear that!!
Keep up the good work!

Cool… Can’t wait for the ios to be released❤️
Keep up the good work guys :wink::+1:

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Awesome!!! Thanks a lot, @albert!!!

@albert, just a question: The path where the file is uploaded in webviewer was changed?

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Amazing update!!!

All of use were waiting for that WebViewer update

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I have some questions about the new version of thunkable. In de companion app my titlebar stays grey, and my listpicker isn’t filled with the items i programmed. This was working with the previous version.

I also see that the apk generated with the previous version was 4 MB and now it is 2,9 MB. Can you tell me what has changed? The app is working as it should.

Fantastic! Its amazing!

WoW Thanks for these cool new features. :slight_smile:

Have you updated your companion app to v 3.11?

Yes the version is 3.11

Amazing update, but I have a problem with the new media uploader.

Everytime I drag a file in the “Drag your file here” area the file wont be uploaded to the Thunkable media folder. Instead the browser open it like if I had dragged it to an empty tab.

Here goes a screenshot of how it looks to me (Im on Chrome):

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@Bombolo This issue was fixed on the beta server, just not the main server. It will be fixed shortly.

cc: @mike

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Conor, you are right! These changes were pushed out but may take a day to take effect. Thanks for your patience in advance!

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Hi there. Can you send over your .aia so we can troubleshoot?

And yes, thanks for noticing the smaller package size. We found a way to be a little more efficient with our code but have not taken away any functionality. Just trying to make things faster and lighter for you!


Which path are you referring to? The only thing we added was enabling the ability to upload files through the WebViewer so I don’t think there is any path involved (but I could be wrong!)

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wandelenindewijknologos.aia (114.7 KB)

This is the aia. It has multiple polyline routes in a googlemap. You choose the route you want to display with the listpicker.
i am working with some people of my municipality to see of this is something they can use.

maybe it has something to do with the googlemap errors that other people see.


Hi there. So it looks like there is something funky that happens when you Live Test and you have a MapClickListenerEnabled as the first block in the Screen Initialize. I swapped it around and the orange title bar and listpicker worked.

Apologies for that but hope you can use this workaround for now.

Albert @ thunkable

PS The app still built fine for me even with the block arranged the original way.


Yes the app was building fine. Thanks for the solution.