Thunkable updates in-progress?

Some interesting changes this afternoon… editing of multiple screens simultaneously in the Design tab (so cool!) and larger than life Responsive Web App screens (not so cool… the fonts used to be much smaller)…

Is there something in the works? :face_with_monocle:


Yes, font size are better on phones now, but are large on tablets/full web pages. We’re looking into adjusting the algorithm for that.

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Thank you. Is that a recent change? I’m pretty sure everything looked okay until a day or two ago. But I could be mistaken… that web app is an old project I just happened to pull up and was surprised. I checked a bunch of others and they all rendered huge which is not what I recall before (I’ve shared the urls and never had people complain).

Apologies for the surprise/inconvenience @tatiang - the changes were rolled out on Thursday, only shortly before you noticed them.

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No worries, @domhnallohanlon. It was more of a surprise than a concern.

So should I be seeing the multi-screen Design tab? It was only there for a moment, it seems.

Hi, just tested some of the new features.
Looks great and simple. But unusual.

Two things I recognized:

  • “photo from camera works” but asks for permission to use the photos library on an iPhone (?) but “image from photo library” does not work on IOS,
  • After using the new features (choosing them in “settings”) I had a problem with Safari. After closing the project there was a blank screen. After clearing the cache it worked again.

Thanks @rollke - is this on Live Testing? You’ll need the latest version of Thinkable Live to use the latest features of Thunkable.

This is for

I used the newest version of Thunkable Live. Tested it also with downloading and with Android (Thunkable Live).

Same problem. Loading picture from image library does not work.
In my „older“ apps using the old block to load from image library I have no problems.

Thanks - so to confirm, Thunkable Live on iOS the load picture from library doesn’t work.

Does it crash/display white screen/do nothing?

Can you share a screenshot of the blocks that aren’t working for you?


Thanks, so:

It looks like, for the Text_Input blocks, the text won’t display - is that what’s happening in your app?

the text is not the problem.
In the first block the image is taken from camera correctly.
But in the second block the dialog to choose an image from the library does not open. So I cannot load an image…

I do not see these updates. Is it a slow rollout?

You need to opt in use the new features for now @mrmazzone

Go to to enable them

@domhnallohanlon Cool! I played around with the drag and drop UI before but didn’t know it had the multiple screens part.

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Hope you like it, let us know if you have any feedback while this is in testing because we’re actively working on this at the moment!