Congratulations to Thunkable team for finally getting their new updated app accepted on App Store

@thunkable team for finally getting their app accepted after long time of waiting. Does this fix the master crash issue?

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Based on our initial testing and user feedback, yes, it seems to be resolved now @farhanlatif027i3df but we’re still monitoring it.

Please let us know if you notice anything unusual about the live testing app.



Hi, @domhnallohanlon! :wave:

I am noticing this since the new update, my app opens, shows my projects area, opens my recent app for just ~1 second, and restarts. This process repeats infinitely.

My recent project is just a screen, I’ve just started designing. Only 1 screen’s design is complete.

Please look over this :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks! :blush:

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@kartik14 what he said is exactly what I meant by “crashing”

Unfortunately Thunkable live still have issues. It keeps crashing secondly I’m barely getting any screen to work with I’m adding the following screenshot for you to see the screen I get to work with it feels crowded could you kindly just add a back button with transparent background so We can see from status bar to bottom of our app in Live

Thanks for the update @kartik14 and @farhanlatif027i3df,

Can you both please provide more detailed steps for us to try to reproduce this error on our end. Thanks.

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Before Thunkable used to crash on new devices and since you said it works on new devices I think it’s the older devices that got effected

Thanks, leave it with us so and we’ll try to investigate further.


And could you do something about the Thunkable “back” status bar it’s too big and too distracting a transparent background with back button will work great and also the new update brought in extra details at bottom “your project is live” could you fix those too? We don’t need atleast in my opinion need to “view code” on phone our computers are fine for that

I agree with you, but it seems to me that the title bar with buttons has been added specifically. Perhaps this is even a requirement of Apple, which does not like the fact that the test application looks like real. If this is not so, then I see no reason for this strip to be on the screen.


If it’s a requirement of Apple then wouldn’t a transparent backgrounds be easier for person developing app because I spend around 7-8 hours per day on Thunkable and I have to download the app just to see if the status bar blends good or to remove status bar

@thunkable if App Store bothers you too much try going to unofficial AppStore’s that way you can do anything you like

Any update on the issue?

There most certainly is:

Unfortunately issue still exists live app keeps restarting I was on 13.2.3 thinking maybe I had old iOS I just updated to iOS 13.3 and issue still exist can you fix this? Or maybe give an alternative or maybe just make different phone simulator like Xcode does. I haven’t worked on my app in 2 days and my days feel so empty and wasted kindly try to fix this ASAP

Hi, @domhnallohanlon!

Te latest update solves this one -

Also, please find a way of hiding the “your project is now live” container (image ) - it shortens the screen…

Thanks a lot! :blush:


Or better yet have “show more” “show less” option with a button would be better option no?

For people who are having issues with new version but were fine with previous version can you put previous version on flight test ? That will be the quickest solution