Issues using Thunkable LIve? [Nov 2022]

My iOS app met this bug for 1 month, someone HELP me :frowning:
I can’t update my iOS app and use my app in Thunkable Live!

It’s never fun seeing an app crash but… we have no information to be able to help you. Screenshots of blocks? A link to your project? A description of what is happening right before the crash?

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Hi, this is my project:


  1. When testing the app on Thunkable Live test (iOS device), it crashes
  2. When publishing the app on Appstore, it crashes in Testflight
    Please help me, all my projects are in the same problem!

Hmm, I can’t open the project. I just get a white screen when I click the link:

Please try again

Can you use the Share button to generate a link instead of copying the url from the Design tab?

This is link when I use share button:

This is another project:
I want to notice again that all my projects met the same problem! Thanks.

Did you already know it was crashing when trying to load an interstitial ad? It’s helpful to provide that kind of information.

I think you’re causing the crash because you’re creating an infinite loop by calling a function from within a function. And since there’s no wait blocks, it just uses up all memory and crashes. If there’s an error, you shouldn’t try to show the ad again. There’s a reason for the error and you need to figure out why that’s happening and/or have a backup plan in case it doesn’t work.


Thanks so much, after I added the wait function, my app worked well. ^^

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