Latest Release - Yandex Bug Fix (Apr 13)

Hey Thunkers,

We heard from a few of you that you were running into a little trouble with the Yandex Translate component so we pushed a fix that should have solved the problem.

We also added the option for users to create and use their own Yandex API key which will give you more control over your key in case you expect your translation usage to be significant. As far as we can tell, unofficially, you should get up to 1M characters / 10M characters per mo of translation with your own key.

Please let us know if this did the trick!
Albert @ Thunkable


Thanks @albert!

Incidentally, I couldn’t help but notice that this is version 3.14…Will the next update be 3.141 by any chance??:grinning:!topic/comp.text.tex/HdtakMytdoM


I have tried my own API key but got the error.

Did you update Thunkable Live?


no, I did not. I will update it now. Thanks.

It works perfectly after I have updated Thunkable live. :relaxed:


Thanks @arun and the rest of Thunkable Team and every one who helped raised voice to get a quick fixed on the Yandex component. it working fine now. i had to also re-construct part of my codes. but now everything is ok plus i have my own API key now which makes the translation even more faster. Am grateful



sup bossu, must the api key contain ‘block key’ at the end, i got the key but when i insert into the api textbox, the’ block key’ gets inserted at the end. please is this an error?