Yandex stopped working

Hey all,

I have encountered a new issue for translations -:
see this -:
(I was using Thunkable’s default key)
I want to know that (as described in the link) Should i have to pay now to use these services?

Very thankful if someone can suggest me any free api :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there,

It now costs money to create and use your own Yandex API key.

You can still use Thunkable’s default API key for free.


It now says “Maximum monthly translated volume exceeded” on my iOS published app (Lingo Loops), but when I test it on the Thunkable companion app or live test, it doesn’t work. How do I fix this?

@mythi Are you saying that when you switch the API to Thunkable’s it doesn’t work?

I just downloaded your app and I’m seeing the “Maximum monthly translated text volume exceeded” message.

Would you be willing to share any aspects of how you made your text input box? It’s quite smooth.