Yandex Translation error

I’m getting the “Maximum daily…exceeded” when trying to translate, even on first try of the day. I don’t have a Yandex api key so using Thunkable’s default key.

I’m having students work on a translate app this week. Two questions:

  • Is the Thunkable default account running out of translations regularly?
  • It looks like you have to put in a bank card at Yandex to use their free api. Can someone confirm this.



You’re right on both counts. It appears that the Thunkable translate block is broken at the moment and the free API is no longer free (or at least requires credit card info).

I looked but didn’t really find anything comparable for free. These are two options that might work:

DeepL: DeepL Translate API | Machine Translation Technology

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@David_Wolber @David_Wolber
OpenAI can translate text also but again you need to add an API key

Are there plans to fix the built-in translation component?