[Solved] Translation Limit

Hi everyone,

I’m building a Language Translation testing app (eg assessments at school) for coursework. I’m aware there is a maximum to how many characters can be translated, but I can’t find if the PRO version will change that.

“Maximum daily translated text volume exceeded”

Question being, will paying for the PRO version of thunkable increase the translation limit? And whats the maximum after that?

Many thanks!

No, the Pro membership has no affect on API limits. You would need to find a different API to use for translation and possibly pay for a license depending on what you need.

Ahh okay. Is there any way of seeing how close I am to the translation API limit?

I believe Thunkable uses Yandex. You should be able to use your own API key with the built-in block (in the project settings) or if not, then you could use your own API key with the Web API blocks in Thunkable. I would think Yandex would have a way to track your usage with your own API key.

Brilliant, thank you so much!