Lastest Thunkable Live app update (9 Jan)

Hi, anyone experienced some issues working with the thunkable live app recently? Some things seemed to be broken after the recent update a couple of days ago. All of it was working fine before. Still sensing around what happened to some behaviors.

  1. The screen blocks “when open”, “when start” seemed to behave differently now (using tab_navigator). Can’t pin point what yet, but when I change to “when open”, everything work tuned ok. I used to use “when start” and “when open” to selectively load from database (firebase) only once. but now have to do it as many times as the user opens the screen.
  2. Airtable data is not loading.

The issues were the same with updates from both the Android and iOS. I am currently using a test phone without the updates to continue my work. I will be downloading apks to test if the behaviors changes.

For discussions please.


Some updates.

  1. For the downloaded iOS and APKs, they worked as is. I.e does not behave the same as the Thunkable life app.
  2. In the updated Thunkable live app, I realised that when a screen is opened any number of times after the first time, it was “reset” to screen start state, whereas previously, the labels or webviews were as last updated. But this behavior does not happen with downloaded APKs.
  3. Still can’t reason why airtable won’t work on Thunkable live. But worked after downloaded.

I need a break for now. Can’t be working on something that will behave differently from testing and after deploying.


same problem…

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the downloaded app doesn’t work for me now…;

If you search the Thunkable Discuss topic for the words

open event

You will see that the start and open events are ever changing and a chronic problem. Be sure to reach out the Thunkable using the chat bot in the designer. You can also go to github and see if any of the open tickets mentioning the open event describe your issue.