Label is full width in builder but not in the app

I have a heading at the top of each screen that shows as full width in the builder but not in the app live view or the downloaded apk.


App live view:

Am I doing something wrong?

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Could you share a screenshot of your width and height properties for your label?

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The width doesn’t seem to make a difference. Here is a screen grab for the builder with the label having a 675 pixel width with centered text.


Here is the screen grab for the live view app.

I hope that helps?

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You are using DnD UI and in this UI there is now resizing.

You can try setting the width to some higher numbers until you see it fit in the Live.

Unfortunately the text being centered does not work well with the expanded label width. I tried two labels and that works but now there’s a border around the label containing text.

I’m waiting for my apk download link so I can check the generated app but I expect it to match the live view as it has before.

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The Label by default does not have a border unless you assign a border to it from this option


I didn’t assign any border. I did try to give it a transparent border but that didn’t work. I think it is a shadow I am seeing though and not an actual border.

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The solution was to not set the background color. Once that is removed then the shadow is removed as well.

@muneer Thanks for making me revisit that.