Current bugs i've found in the DnD UI

Hello everyone last month i’ve found a couple of bugs in the DnD UI.
So i will share them here.
Label not resizing to the right size.

Here I’ve set the label it’s text to label wich doesn’t appear.
also i’ve set the width/ height to fill parent and it doesn’t get the right size.
compared to the button wich does get the right size.

and this is the designer screen.

clickable screen

in the above video you can see that whenever i click a component its play an click animation on the whole screen.

when orientation changes the layout doesn’t chagne with it.

Phone when in portrait

phone when in landscape
As you can see whenever the user changes the orientation the layout doesn’t change with it.
Also here you can see the label doesn’t get the right size.
Switch is getting strechted on bigger devices.
Screenshot 2021-05-11 11.34.12 AM

Hope there can be a fix for these problems.

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