Drag And Drop Running List of Issues and Bugs


I’ve run into several bug/features of the drag and drop setting.

Layout not even close
Here are shots of my drag-and-drop designer screen and the Web Live Test, Responsive Web App, and Android Live Test Screens. In particular notice the size and placement of the GREEN label is different for all 3 displays and NONE are anything like the designer.

Create and Clone blocks missing from Any Component options

Cannot change text input font size
The font size of text_input boxes cannot be change in either the designer or blocks. Are there no use cases for larger or smaller fonts? :unamused:

Missing Components
As first reported here by @ianphaas, in the non-drag-and-drop mode, the loading icon appears between the canvas and date input components. In drag-and-drop, it is missing from that position. Upon further review, switch, loading icon, and rating are all missing from the drag and drop designer.
Component Comparison

When converting to drag and drop from non-drag-and-drop, the absence of either row or column frames present some challenges that the GROUP component does not address. In particular, there is no longer a way to create a box around data elements without using a solid fill. The Group has no border property.

Dynamic resizing of components (lost feature)
The non-drag-and-drop designer had the features of padding, and dynamic height and width properties. These were particularly helpful for database fields with long texts of varying length. I would create scrollable screen with label controls that would expand or contract based on the text content.With the drag a drop designer. Any text that exceeds the static boundaries is unviewable.

Errors when importing from MyScreens
Although the imported screen still uses the non-drag-and-drop Designer, many of the non-drag and drop properties are missing including the height and width properties for:

Was the intention that there would be backward compatibility between drag-and-drop and non-drag-and-drop projects?

No scrollable sub-sections, ie rows and columns (Lost Feature)
There has been a lot of demand for horizontal scrolling. The Drag and Drop now has neither horizontal or vertical scrolling. Yes, you can set the entire screen to scroll. My UI often have a fixed header and footer (other than the navigators). Now scrolling the screen obscures those headers or footers.

No Padding or margins (lost feature)
Although it can be arguded with drag-and-drop positioning that padding and margins may not be necessary. The fixed text Input padding is a real loss.

Once Drag and Drop, always Drag and Drop (feature?)
Oddly, creating a project with just the loading icon prevents the project from being switched into drag and drop mode.

Furthermore, once a project has been created in drag-and-drop mode, it does not appear that changing the features setting in my profile changes the project. That is, once a project is created in drag and drop mode, it is permanently in drag and drop mode. Is that intended?

Cannot Share Drag-and-Drop project
Also, the project with drag-and-drop enabled does not appear to have the SHARE option in the menu
Non-Drag and Drop Sharing Option

Drag and Drop No Sharing Option

Android Live Test Scrollable Screen cropped substantially

Cannot save drag-and-drop screen to My Screens

Some Good New Features
Thanks for building scrolling into the list viewer
The Sign_In blocks now have the Show Advanced/ Show Regular blocks. It will be nice to not have to wrap those functions into a waiter.

I’ve made this a wiki post so as other bugs are revealed, they can be added to this entrying while keeping the thread short.

I guess that is enough for now.

Happy Thunking!!


This post has addressed some of the issues i have. In addition kindly see the following screenshots:1. In designer

2. In live test and downloaded app:
3. Dataviewer in live test:
4 In web App:
Kindly look into the layout and arrangement issue.


i did not found so many issue but i did not found camcorder component

i dont find any bugs but my app wea map
@luv.ak.tech mentioned theres a bug
so no support for maps i means

Hey all

I am using the new UI and didnt see a post specifically to outline issues/bugs.

I am noticing discrepancies between the live preview and iOS companion app displays.

The issue is that the margin and component spacing is the same on design screen as it is on live preview but not the same as on companion app. Here is an example of what I mean

specifically here you can see that in the companino app screen shot, the text overlays the image. in the live preview, the text is below the image as it should be.

Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 2.02.35 PM

  1. Is there no way to set a label’s font? Nor a button’s font?
  2. Where is the documentation for the Group component?
  3. It should be possible to name a component the same thing on multiple screens since they have unique IDs
  4. Thunkable Live should refresh content without requiring the app to be force-quit and re-launched
  5. Scrolling to the top of a Screen’s block list should not auto-scroll back down (I know, I’ll have to explain this one more…)
  6. Placing buttons below a Web Viewer so there’s a gap of about 30 pixels shouldn’t cause the buttons to overlap the bottom of the Web Viewer in Thunkable Live on iPhone 11 (it works on a Moto X4).
  7. An image component containing a .png of text from Illustrator doesn’t show up in Thunkable Live on an iPhone 11 and Moto X4. This was a caching issue with Thunkable Live.

In addition to component bugs, can you provide a list of known system assumptions/limitations? I’ve had to experiment with various components to discover their individual quirks (i.e. DataViewer buffering and row limits, 3-second speech recognition limit, etc). This makes for a very frustrating experience which could easily be overcome with more in-depth documentation.

Also, is the NON drag-and-drop UI moving toward retirement so that the new one will get the focus on bug fixes/feature updates? Or is the new UI more of a beta environment? Most of the current documentation is for the “classic” UI. Where can I find a current bug list and/or a plan for updates.


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Hello everyone last month i’ve found a couple of bugs in the DnD UI.
So i will share them here.
Label not resizing to the right size.

Here I’ve set the label it’s text to label wich doesn’t appear.
also i’ve set the width/ height to fill parent and it doesn’t get the right size.
compared to the button wich does get the right size.

and this is the designer screen.

clickable screen

in the above video you can see that whenever i click a component its play an click animation on the whole screen.

when orientation changes the layout doesn’t chagne with it.

Phone when in portrait

phone when in landscape
As you can see whenever the user changes the orientation the layout doesn’t change with it.
Also here you can see the label doesn’t get the right size.
Switch is getting strechted on bigger devices.
Screenshot 2021-05-11 11.34.12 AM

Hope there can be a fix for these problems.

Can you explain better. Where do you set the with/height of the later to “Fill Parent” in the DnD UI?
Is it in design mode?
Is it in the code when the app runs?

DnD UI is paced on fixed values for all components.

I mean Just scaled IT to width/height of the screen.
IT is in the designer

It’s expected from the DnD UI to have bugs, since it’s new.

You can do this in the Legacy version so you get every feature you want.

Can someone describe the bug in a clear way?
I don’t see the bug.

I know that i Just wanted to report all of Them at once.

What do you mean with “the bug”?

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Can you describe what you call it a bug. I see you have a label and dragged its size to the portrait size of the screen then you try to show it in a landscape or responsive or what actually are you trying to show in your video???

You can literly click any component and then the whole screen has a click animation.

But When i do this with a button IT does fit the whole screen.

So you want the label to act similar to a button but there is no where in the documentation or somewhere else that says they should have the same response and therefore this is a feature request not a bug.

You are asking for the label to react similar to a button.

No you mis understood.
I mean Whenever i scale a component like a button, image OR group and Many more to fit the screen IT actualy fits the screen.
But When is Use a label and scale IT to fit the screen.
IT doesn’t fit the screen.

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It works OK for me. Unless you mean to size the component on the design screen and then one your mobile you want to view it in horizontal view which I did not try. Otherwise, the label that I add to the screen in design mode I see it where I expect it to be and the size expected in run mode.

On my Chromebook and phone IT doesn’t work as supposed.