How are advanced blocks supposed to work?

Not certain if this one is a bug and the issue might be me. :upside_down_face: I have used the camera but today, I cannot find the Image Upload block. Is it me or a new undocumented feature (bug)? I mean I can see the url from uploaded file block?

I am not sure but.
The URL from uploaded file block does the same I think.

yes it does for advanced version of it right click on it and click advanced block

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Thank you. I do not remember having to do that previously.

Ok, so I will go back to bug. Apparently I accidentally pressed image
which removes the block from the code. image
and you loose all the blocks within the block. also “undelete last delete” does not work for this. Presuming it’s not a delete.

@japa6225a I wouldn’t describe this as a bug since it’s the intended behaviour.

The block has changed shape it will no longer fit where you had originally positioned it

The intent here is to provide the best possible UX for users who are completely new to Thunkable (i.e. make the blocks as simple as they can be) but if you’re not familiar with the advanced blocks I think your reaction here makes total sense.

In the gif I’ve shared here the blocks aren’t lost, you just need to reposition them - is that what’s happening in your project too?

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Ok, getting a little annoyed now. You show how it is intended and now I have lost a lot of work. My fault but also shows what I am saying.
Set up a test within my app.

Silly me.
But I am just a beginner programmer (to blocks anyway, been programming since the 80’s) Now when I go back to Regular block and go back to advanced, any blocks after are gone. Not to mention the test block inside the the upload image do.

I originally tried Tunkable to design a prototype to test a theory cheaply. I went in gun ho and choose the new interface. I like challenges and have learnt a lot. There are a lot of advancements over the old interface but even that is not worth the $25 a month. AND it would confuse kids trying to learn big time.

Sorry vent over. I know it was my mistake on many levels.

ps, how do I get the lost blocks back? there is no version control and I am not going to save a new version every change. (the changes I lost was lost after I saved a copy at a stage I was happy with)

pss. what did you use to create the gif?

Update, I tried the usual, close and reopen etc last night. Really thought I had lost a heap of work. I gave Thunkable a wide berth for the day, and there was no change. Then a warning came up to reload and now the blocks are back? Sorry I placed this in this thread. Should have created a new one.

My experience with/understanding of this is that the blocks should “pop-out” when you change from advanced to regular blocks so I’m really sorry to hear that you were losing block here @japa6225a

So, if you change between advanced and regular blocks are the blocks disappearing or popping out now?

Using an app called Kap at the moment:

Yeah, we could definitely be stronger on version control I think. I’d typically recommend that you make duplicates of your project from time to time, or email your yourself copy links of your project. It can get messy but with a bit of planning there are a lot of users who it works for.

Purely anecdotal here, but I spent a decade teaching kids (and adults!) how to code prior to joining Thunkable. I think every platform/software stack gets confusing at some stage in the learning process. Personally I found block-based platforms to cause the least confusion. Not no confusion, but definitely less confusion.

10 PRINT "I Love Thunkable"
20 GOTO 10

That was pretty much the height of my programming experience in the 80’s - I definitely wasn’t able to program geo-locating, artificial intelligence apps for my pocket computer anyway! :joy:

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:revolving_hearts: Try punch card cobol :rofl: The first commercial computer I worked on in 1979 didn’t even have a monitor. Paper was the monitor and effing slow. But we did have games :crazy_face:


Agree and I make duplicate copies all the time as I work. It’s problematic, though, because the 1024 MB limit for all projects is not all that much when you have a 50 MB project and five or six copies of it, and then another project with copies, etc.

Curious about this idea of emailing links. I’ve never quite been clear about how dynamic those links are. Are you saying to create a share link and then email it to yourself? If so, does that effectively capture the project at that moment in time and not count towards the total project size limit?

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The emailing part I tested it already and the link will show the latest. Unless there is a specific way to generate the link which will take a snapshot of the project at that point of time. Should this really exist it will be a rescue to the project copy style of doing things.

I would love to have something like that. Backing up Thunkable projects is something I find really cumbersome. I end up cluttering my projects list and there’s no way to sort by project size or even see the project size in a list view.

As a teacher and amateur app developer, I have many projects going at one time. I can see Thunkable being really manageable for someone working on one or two main projects but I often have five or ten that I’m juggling at the same time.