My Current list of bugs

Hello all,

In order to consolidate the list of bugs that the community might be facing. I have placed created all of the reproducible bugs I’ve experienced. If you have a bug that you can reproduce, please add the description and a link to the project and I will update this list.

  1. Screen scroll on/off bug: When changing the screen scroll parameter during a click action, the changing of the screen dismisses the keyboard resulting in a bad user experience.
  2. Assigning null to a data source breaks app Link to Project
  3. Trimming both sides of a returned null value breaks the app Link to Project
  4. When setting a screen to scroll, it creates an extra amount of page scroll even if there is nothing to scroll Link to Project
  5. There are a few bugs within the text input feature Link to Project
    • When Navigating from one screen to another, iPhone hints do not display properly
    • On Android, the text input and hints starts in the middle of the text input block instead of at the top
  6. Custom Data Viewer list in DnD, when assigned a zero value it shows blank instead of zero
  7. Font weights don’t work on Android, when assigning a numerical value other than “bold” it doesn’t register and just shows the regular font. Link to Project
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First of all, there are other posts discussing the same and creating a new post might not be the best idea.

Second, when you say DnD bugs, do you mean StP does not have the same bug/issue?

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There are dozens of open bug posts but some of them are the same some are different. There isnt a place where someone can go to see if what they are experiencing is normal or if Thunkable is aware of it. This post can help both us as users and Thunkable to see what the community is facing.

As for DnD vs StP I only checked in DnD, whenever i report a bug using the chat, I just say DnD and report the bug. I am not required to check StP, I feel that would be Thunkables job to check to see if the problem is in both places

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This was the first list of reported issues and there are other lists too.

Giving a title of bugs in DnD gives the impression that StP does not suffer the same and could be better to stay with!!!

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That post 2 years old and the last update is almost a year ago. I will compare my list to the other lists and will remove mine if it is a duplicate.

Even though there are bugs in DnD I still think DnD is the superior designer :grinning:

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Will, DnD is the way forward and Thunkable is heading to retire StP someday.

With the introduction of the Layout component, the retirement date of StP could be close.

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Hopefully the layout component will be released soon, I am looking forward to it :slight_smile:



as long as the DVL will be this slow I hope as late as possible

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