Label Formatting, last UI update? Vertical Centering gone missing?

I’m starting a new thread, about Label formatting which is more specific than this post:

As mentioned: Previously, I was able to Vertically Center the text in a label.
Now I can’t seem to do this anymore.
See the before and after images below. This could be related to your last UI update?

Vertically Centered text:

The 2nd label cannot be vertically centered, unless I am missing a trick here?

Please advise as to how I can fix this.

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Im assuming this is for DnD?

yes, using DnD. Not the “old” way where you could in fact Center things vertically, In Rows and Columns.

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Hey @tonyb2

Sorry about that, there is no way to automagically vertically center text in a label on DnD unless you use the layouts component.

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But how did I manage this last time in DnD?

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