Are the release notes outdated?

Where can I find the latest Release Notes for Drag and Drop?
I see some changes have been recently made to the UI?
All I can find are these, which were last updated June 1, 2022:


Is there something in particular that you’re looking for @tonyb2 - the release notes have been updated and now go up to August 3rd

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Thanks for updating the release notes.
I noticed that the design UI and properties have changed a bit.
Previously I was able to center the text vertically in a label (for Android), now I can’t do that.
Am I just forgetting how I did this originally or has this property gone missing in the new UI?


I might be mistaken… but I don’t think this property ever made it over to DnD (did it?)

I don’t think it did it ever did. You could do horizontal centering. But I don’t think you could do vertical centering.