Text vertical align fails

i tried to center text inside a label a little bit bigger than the text inside. Even if i set the “text vertical align” as center the text is positioned top

Have you tried vertically Centering the label in a row?

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well… if i put a row with inside a label obviously the label will be centered into the row. But… this will increase the number of object inside a project!! i saw the option, i tried and doesnt work… i thought maybe there is a workaround.

Hi, did anyone solve this? I’m having the same problem of text being positioned at the top of a label, and I need it to be centered vertically.

I’ve tried alignItems, alignContent, Text Align Vertical, vertically centering the label in the parent row, centering all elements in the parent row… nothing’s working.

And the text actually looks fine on the designer preview, but on Thunkable Live it’s clearly still appearing at the top of the label.

The only way is set label height as fit content. Then put the label in a column container with the vert align set as center. Give a transparent background to the label and a color to the column container background…

Thanks! That worked!
I still don’t understand why, and it seems a bit of a workaround, but at least it’s displaying correctly now…

Yes, it is a workaround indeed! If u have not too much label objects you can use this trick!!
I dont know if we can put the SOLVED flag … :slight_smile: