Text Align Vertical not affecting label

In the legacy interface, changing a label’s advanced “Text Align Vertical” property to “center” has no effect. The change doesn’t appear in the browser or in Thunkable Live when Live Testing.

The label in question has a fixed height and width:


So are you saying that it does not show correctly in the editor, the Thunkable Live app, on iOS, on Android or a combination of some of these?

Sorry, I should have specified. I’ll update the original post.

I am getting the same issue on Thunkable Live on iOS, in the Live Test and the Responsive Web App Preview but not on Thunkable Live on Android or the editor.

OK here is a hack. Set the label’s top padding equal to its height minus the size of the font :wink:

Hmm… that didn’t work for me. The text was way below the background color of the label:


Font size 18, label height 80, top padding 62

Perhaps try clearing the “Text Align Vertical” value as well


Oh and, there is no way to make it show correctly everywhere. My suggested hack works on Thunkable Live on both iOS and Android.

…oooor create a column, format it as you would format the label and then add a non-formatted label in the column just for the text. This will work.

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