Keeping Firebase data private?

I’m wondering if there is any way to store Firebase data in such a way that the Firebase admin can’t view it?

The reason for this is that I currently have a Photo Journal app where users can store a photo and description each day. I’m storing that data in a local DB within the app. But if I want the user to be able to backup their data to the cloud, what are my options?

I think Firebase is the most logical place to store that data but… wouldn’t I then be able to see all of their backed up data as plain text (JSON)? Is there a way to hide it from me?

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Here’s a similar question:

One of the answers suggests using Google Cloud Endpoints and specifically the Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) API so I guess I’ll check that out.

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Use any of the hashing techniques in your app or just use the native encode/decode of JavaScript.