Firebase and thunkable

Hello, I wanted to ask a question about the Firebase database, to see if, for example, I have an application in which the user saves their data in a Firebase database, supposedly I am the one who manages that database, how do I not see the data that the user is saving, that is, it is available to the user but that I do not see it in the Firebase database.

greetings, thank you

If the data is being saved to Firebase and the user can access that data, then it must appear in your Firebase realtime database in the Firebase console.

Yes, but as an administrator I can see what is being saved. I don’t know if I’m explaining myself correctly.

I think what @jp019178q4xzw said was that he didn’t want to see the user’s data.

Perhaps you could explain more?

If you’re wanting to store data in Firebase but not have access to it, then I think you’d have to encrypt it manually. But there may be an option for something like that in Firebase or in a different third-party storage site but I’m not familiar with it.

@vishruth-ram correct

@tatiang ok thank you very much of course that’s what I want that data to be encrypted

If anyone knows how to encrypt a database in Firebase I would greatly appreciate it.