Ensuring user privacy

Hi Thunkers,
I am making an App which lets users complete a health assessment or ‘functional rating scale’ and store their data to see changes over time.

I am wondering if anyone has info about how to make sure I’m ensuring best practice is being followed for storing user data? Is it okay to save user’s medical data to a Google Sheet for example? Is it okay if I would (theoretically) have access to this data?

I have started trying to figure out Firebase. Perhaps this is a more secure way?

Would really appreciate any insights you have about this.


Choosing Firebase is a good step forward for individual privacy. You can of course limit the ability to see any data to the logged in user only so each user sees the data belongs to him/her only using database rules whoever, you will need your users to accept a kind of agreement that you will have access to the data and to declare in this agreement that you will not share such data with anyone.

Thanks muneer.

I wonder if you or anyone in the community has access to a draft data privacy agreement?

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A good start, that I did myself, is the privacy statement of Thunkable

Excellent, thank you.

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