Use Private G Sheet

Hi, There is some sensitive data in my sheet, so I want it to be accessible ONLY BY THUNKABLE and ME. So, Are there any alternatives, Or any other way?

Can you say a little more about how you plan to use the data in the Google Sheet?

Are you worried about end users of your app accessing the sheet or are you worried about other Thunkable developers accessing it from your public project?

My plan is to save sensitive data, and I have fear that hackers AND thunkable user can access it.

Why not use Firebase then? You can set the rules to only allow access to authenticated users (each user can only read/write their own data).

There are three columns of data, and I can’t fetch data from array.

You can set up Firebase however you like and it’s possible to get data from an array/list.

Pardon To tell Late, But last time I used FireBase(with anyone authenticates to access), It just Crashed every time I Save/Fetch Data. N it was my “cancelled hackables”. And it also contain three sensitive Data.

That means you didn’t use correct Cloud variable paths. But I wouldn’t be able to help you fix it without seeing screenshots of your blocks.

Just stay here for 2 min

P.S. My WhiteHat Jr. Teacher Said it is correct.

That project isn’t using Firebase.

I Deleted Hackables Long Way Back

I Don’t Want It To. This Data will be shared with 3 Parties.
1: Me
2: My Client
3: Thunkable

Okay, well hopefully your teacher can help you with this.

Found AirTable

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