Data Source Confusion between Google Sheets and Airtable

Hi all,
I am confused what is the best approach for self project and project made for clients using data.

For self project having google sheets makes sense but for clients ( clients may not want me to access their user data , due to privacy issues ).
I though to ask clients to have their own google drive and app will connect to it. but my thunkable account will have access to only mine google sheet/drive.

If i create new thunkable account for client how can i copy my project to client account, if i wish to use some screens ??

If i switch to Airtable, it has limitations of 1200, to 5000 rows only.

Please guide.

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If you are storing sensitive data, use Firebase and have users sign up and sign in. Set the Firebase rules to only allow access to each user’s data for the signed in user.

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For Google sheet connection you can use a different account to connect to the sheet. It does not have to be your developer’s account.

However, for security/privacy issues, your best bet is Firebase.

Thanks Muneer, but then i cannot copy my existing screen if i want to used them. I have re-develop them, isn’t it.
I thought about Firebase, but then JSON, i have to migrate my entire code which is in Google Sheets to Firebase, which is a little tricky , when we have nested arrays.

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You can copy the project to your other account or the account of your client.

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Aha, perfect, thank you!

Or, try storing your tables in firebase using lists with objects stored in them.

You can do a system like this.

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I have realized, when data is been created in app itself it is better to store that table in Firebase ( Example, Users, Profile, Payments) , this way when your app has been built for other clients you don’t have to manually create these base tables. However, if you app takes inputs from table, which you need to dynamically change, example : Products, Price list, it it would be better to keep in Google Sheets or Airtable, because we can ask clients to update price list, products.
There is no way these clients would be able to work on JSON table to update tables.
Hybrid is good approach in my opinion.

You can build the code by nesting a realtime db save block in a realtine db get block. Additionally, You can use DataChanged to alert the users for any changes to their table and refresh it.

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