Is there a component to copy an existing Google Sheet?

I’m trying to allow users to have their own database.
I’m using Google Sheets because there are a lot of complicated formulas that I don’t think Airtable has, I don’t know how to write Airtable’s formulas regardless.

I also don’t think there’s an option to change the Data Source using a component which would also need to be done of course.

The data stored on Google Sheets doesn’t contain any private identifying data, it’s just stats for the user to be called on, so there’s not a privacy issue either.

Thanks again for any help y’all.

I would use Firebase and store data under userid

Would you like to see an example of blocks and the resulting data tree?

Hey there, I’ve setup Firebase before in the past, but does Firebase have the ability to create copies of Google Sheets? If so, then that I would need to see how to do.

Thanks again

Maybe I misunderstood, are you suggesting to use Firebase instead of Google Sheets? I couldn’t do that because there are many formulas that are dependent on the users’ data, they aren’t formulas that are able to be completed inside of Thunkable’s components.


Sorry! That makes sense if you need sheets to do computations. As far as automatically copying a sheet, I think you could do that with zapper or the google sheets api or even an app script. Zapper or integromat could provide the nocode solution though.

I see thank you, that still leaves me with the issue of using the new users newly created spreadsheet as the Data Source from inside thunkable

What kind of formulas? Could this be done in-app with static computations based on an input only or are they dynamic computations reliant on other dynamic values in the sheet plus the input value.

They are things like index(match, arrays, vlookups, randbetween, countunique, filters, querys.

I don’t think it could be done in app. I just don’t see a way, but it almost has to be done in app because I don’t know how to let new users have their own stats with these issues.

A lot can be done within the app. Sometimes you have to make the function yourself.

If you want to share more, perhaps the community can help provide more answers?!

Vlookup, countunique, filters, and queries can all be completed in app for sure. It may take some coding, but that’s what we’re here for!

The other big reason to keeping it on a spreadsheet is sometimes I will need to enter new data, if I am required to do that via the app then I’d have to make a new release every time I add a new category or something.
Currently via spreadsheet I can just update the sheet and the data viewer will instantly grab the new data in real time

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