Create local datasource or DB from Google sheet

I have searched through a lot of posts but couldn’t find, or didn’t know if I’d found something that would help me.

I have my app connected to google sheets which is working, however it is slow when creating and displaying a list once an object has been selected. The app deletes rows in a specific sheet, then reads data from elsewhere and updates that sheet.

I would create local data sources but that would be time consuming as i would have to rename each column header, I would also have to push out an app update each time the local data changed.

How can I best sync the data from the google sheet and create local data in the app please? I feel like it would be better for my app to have the data stored locally, but open to cloud options if i can get the sync speed faster.

I want to try and keep the amount of screens i use to a minimum also.

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By sharing your app, you actually make a local copy of your Google sheet files.

See your app from my side and notice that all tables are now local

Use this project now to get the local and sync with your Google sheet.

If you ask me, I would use Firebase Firestore to accomplish this. Currently Thunkable does not support Firestore but you can easily manage it using APIs which would be less cumbersome from sync-ing between Google sheets and local tables.


I didnt know that. That save a lot of manually editing the column titles and i can just copy and paste the data into the local spreadsheet.

I did keep seeing a lot of firebase threads so I’ll try that out and see how it goes. If I can’t figure it out I’ll do the sharing trick to make a local sheets.

Thanks for your help


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