Possible to use a locally stored Google Sheet as a data source?

My app is complete. Everything works great. But…when I put my test phone in airplane mode - nothing works. I cannot add, delete, sort anything in my data.

I want to be able to connect to a locally stored Google Sheet as a data source when offline with no need at all to sync with anything stored in the cloud at a later point.

I’m using sheets because I reference several named ranges and use arrays in my formulas along with dynamic sorting that I don’t think Thunkable would be able to do otherwise. All functionality in the worksheet runs fine on my test phone when in airplane mode, just want my Thunkable interface to play along.

@andyloveslenh Your best bet would be to test when the app is online and when it is, send the data from your Google Sheet to a local data source (Google Sheets as a data source has to be online to work). Something to this effect:

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