Newbie, starting my first project, I've got some question for experts

Hello to everyone, I’m new here. I’m a web and UI designer with 25ys experience.
I’m in mobile app design since 2015 but I’ve always worked in partnership with developers and it’s my first attempt to build an app by myself.
I’ve a project in my hands for an app for supporting a reserved business event.
The next summer, there’ll be about 100 participants for 3 days in a beautiful mediterranean venue and the app will be used for various tasks.
I’ve taken a serious look to the various no code tools and I’ve chosen Thunkable because is both pretty powerful and customisable and it doesn’t look to complex to approach. I’ve checked Adalo, Flutterflow, Good barber, and others but none of them suit my needs perfectly as Thunkable does.

However, since I’m not 100% sure on how well Thunkable is able to fulfill my needs for this project, I’d like to have some help from you experts!

So, in short the app will be used before and during the event in 4 different ways. They are:

  • USER PROFILE - Collecting info about their preferences before the event (food issues, drink preferences, preferred sport activities during the event, self driving or need for limo, etc)
  • NEWS - Keeping them updated during the event with updates to the agenda or stuff like that
  • ALERTS - Sending them push notifications just before the various activities the organisers are planning to offer. IF POSSIBLE Push notifications should be targeted to group of people. So, for example, if there will be a tennis tournament, notifications regarding it should be sent only to tennis players.
  • GALLERY: Sharing with them pictures made during the event

So, what do you think? is Thunkable the right tool?

And one more thing, I’d like t know which is best practice to keep user profile data. I know that the Login will be managed through Firebase (I’ve already seen some tutorials) and in firebase I presume I can add more fields to each profile (“celiac Y/N”, “Diabetic Y/N”, etc.) but data should be read by organisers and I don’t think that giving them access to firebase would be good . Could I create a secondary DB on Google sheets, maybe using the same userid provided by Firebase, saving those info there and sharing the sheet with organisers? There is probably a best practice for this kind of things, maybe someone knpws what’s the correct way to do it.

Thanks thanks thanks for your help!
Have a great weeknd, Enrico

Do it!!! You can def build this dude. It’ll be work but you can do it for sure

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@jared is one of the best people to answer this with his experience with Thunkable and databases.

I’ve had the same conundrum: I like to store data in Firebase for its security and flexibility but then it’s not user-friendly. Copying the data to a Google Sheet was also my thought but then I think you’re losing some of the security that Firebase offers.

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id recommend airtable, you can create sweet views of your data for those who need to see it. You could get fancy and sit a website on top of your airtable and white label the presentation.

Firebase is solid for the secure data, everything else could live elsewhere.

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I love Airtable but their servers are only in the US so they’re not GDPR compliant, so I never used AT for any client. Maybe if I find a way to leave those data anonymous, using only the Firebase userid as a reference but then I need to put all of the data together again somewhere to be used by the staff… looks complicated though.

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Thanks Jared! I need courage ahaha
What can you tell me about targeted push notifications? Are they possible?

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Sure it is! I need to find a different solution, or to separate personal data from people names to respect their privacy

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