Firebase encryption

How secure is firebase for storing things like credit card information. I am happy to set up rules etc so only the user can see their data. Thats not the problem. I have two apps that both communicate with the same Firebase Realtime DB. The first app sends the credit card details to the db and the second app reads it and processes the payment. How secure is the sending and retrieving of this data? Does anyone know.



Check out the firebase security page Firebase security checklist

Thanks @drted. I did look at that but it doesnt appear to cover the actual data transmission. Otr have I missed something?

Sorry, I misunderstood your question. Thunkable is built on react native. Here is an article indicating that react native firebase access uses SSL… therefore sending and receiving will be as secure as SSL provides. The article also points out the data is stored unencrypted. Storing financial data may not be a good idea.

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