Securing Firebase with SMS verification or Email help needed

(I edited this cause it was a useless post, sorry for that).

I really need some help with firebase as I’d like to secure the user data without requiring him to use the email.

I’ ve successfully implemented a 2 steps verification process through SMS and I don’t want to use the email, is it possible to have a secure firebase without email login?

Hi @maxb, welcome to the Thunkable community.

One quick note, you should only use #thunkable-cross-tutorials if you have written a tutorial about using Thunkable X, so I’ve moved this to #thunkable-cross

When you say:

do you mean you’ve followed all of these steps?

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Thx @domhnallohanlon and sorry, I edited this post cause I was just a noob ^^

What I need is to let the user access his data and only his and make all the data secure from outside attacks.

How can I? :frowning:

I’d like to have firebase authentication through SMS OTP, without using the email (slower and less userfriendly), is it possible in Thunk X?

I am using an external webapi SMS service that has SMS OTP verification service (paid) but I would like to use it to secure firebase so that every user can access only to its data.

Is it possible?

Please help.

Why is this so complicate :frowning:?

I’m dwelling on #thunkable-cross and I don’t know what to do, ad I’m even trying to have an SMS OTP security only, I wanna cry :sob:

@maxb this is a tutorial for Classic - which platform are you using?

@domhnallohanlon I was looking for any help possible, I’m on #thunkable-cross

Have you created a topic about this in #thunkable-cross somewhere?

I edited the title of this old post,

and also made this one

but I had no luck at all :frowning::frowning::frowning:

Got it.

Ok - a couple of things.

  1. Please don’t post about the same question in multiple topics. I’ve merged your three topics into a single one now.

  2. Have you seen anyone else do this? If you have docs with sms-only verification then please share them so that people who are familiar with this can guide you.

  3. Why does your app have to have this feature? If it was me I would be more concerned with launching my app and building a user base. If you find that one or two users have duplicate accounts then you can manually delete them. If it gets to be too big a number then perhaps you need to ask some questions about the type of app you are building?

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1 - Ok, sorry.

2 - I’ve searched #thunkable-cross and found nothing ‘firebase official’ about SMS OTP, but I managed to find a third party service that can send the OTP but I don’t know if I can use that to secure firebase.

3 - I’d prefer to use the more user friendly SMS OTP instead of the complicate email sign in as the userbase should be any age.
What do you mean here?

I’m concerned to make firebase secure so that hackers can’t access the data

Anybody can help?

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Why don’t u apply a ID login in your app?
Generate an ID for each user, then secure the user;s data with login id…
the user with the correct login id can only view the data…

That’s the last resource, but I think that I will have to do it.

I prefer to avoid email log in and only use SMS OTP as it’s easier and faster, but I don’t know if I can authentcate the user with only that in thunkable

did u use it?

With a third party service, not the firebase one

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Ok… I can’t get your concrete problem…
Can u explain me what’s yr one & only problem?


authenticate the user so he uploads his data and can’t see other users data

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& if u don’t authenticate him, how will he be able to see other’s data?