Mobile OTP Verification Login

I want to make Mobile OTP verification login in my project.So, Anyone can help me how to make it.


Have a look at (this referral link will get you $10 free credit to test the platform).

You can use this simple workflow:

  1. User Enters Phone Number
  2. Generate a Random Code
  3. Send a request to Twilio to send the user a SMS via the Web API
  4. Conditional statement is the app, if code matches original code, you can set the account to verified (stored variable) and navigate to the next screen.

If you can’t send the request directly to twilio (depending on how you handle authentication with their api) you can use a middleman software such as Pipedream where you send the request and they send the request to twillio for the sms.

You can also build in resend sms or phone call verification using twilio studio.

Let me know if you need any help.

-Muaaz Teladia


But how to do with Firebase?

At the current moment as far I know, Thunkable X only supports email authentication with firebase.


But in which section we have to go for this?

Please you can give me the link of that section.

I am not sure what you are referring to? What would you like a link to?

You are there?

what you mean by hi in this topic?