Keep seeing "null"

We are following the 1st app employee directory tutorial; however, we keep getting null when we go to live preview. We have connected our Google Sheet. Also, when we connect the GSheet, sometimes we have 2 labels to map to, but sometimes it’s 3. Sometimes it asks us to map to Picture even though we don’t have Picture in the GSheet or in the block code

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With issues like this, describing the issue is not enough information for the Community to help. Could you show us the blocks you are using to grab this data from the Google sheet?

This sounds like you are using a Data Viewer component. If that is the case, you will either need to add in a image URL to your Google sheet and select the column for where the image URLs are located. If you are not using an image for this tutorial, you can select a different Data Viewer template that does not contain an image.

Thanks so much. I have 6 screenshots that I will upload. It will be in 2 different replies as 3 is the limit.

Your blocks look correct to me. So it must be a problem with accessing the Google Sheet. What happens if you just test a Get Value block to get one value from your Google Sheet and apply it to a label’s text? Do you see the value when you preview your project? If not, then you have to fix that problem before moving on to anything else. If so, post a link to your project and someone can hopefully identify the cause.

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Thanks. Here are some links. This will allow me to add only 2 at a time, so I will add others in separate replies.

Should I assume that you were not able to see the value from the Get Value block?*

Why are you sharing multiple project links? It’s best to share just one and let us know which screen to focus on for the problem you’re having. If those are four different project links, I definitely don’t have time to look through them all for you.

*Also, if something does not work, please share a screenshot of the blocks you tried!

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Works for me.

When your app is running are you switching pages by click the screen name on the top bar? If you are then that is the issue. Another thing to mention is that object properties are case sensitive if you didn’t already know.

Edit: Also make sure you set it back to screen one before pressing preview.

These two projects have many errors.